The need for a B2B Company

For online shoppers, the ability to locate items easily is said to be the most appealing feature of online shopping. This is important because there are uncommon items that may not be readily available in your area. Retailers on the other side of the world may have access to these items. But, obviously travelling to distant locations just to purchase that particular item is not feasible. When your trip around the world is set virtually through online retailers and wholesalers, the shopping expeditions and money would be saved.

One-Stop Sourcing

If you are an inexperienced buyer online, it is tremendously important to be knowledgeable and know the correct procedures to verify the legitimacy and validity of international sellers. Caluva is a Cupertino, California based online Global B2B and Platform that connects thousands of Sellers and Buyers at a common but reliable platform. As a growing trade promoter, Caluva provides global importers with accurate information on exporters, products, buyers, sellers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Since our launch, we have been very devoted to our industry. We bring you the diverse choice of different products in major categories, including extensive varieties from Fashion, Apparel, Chemicals, Electronics, Construction, Furniture, Health & Beauty, Food & Beverages, Machinery, Transportation and more. We operate leading mobile and online marketplaces in both wholesale and retail. Caluva provides products to enable merchants, consumers, wholesalers, retailers and other participants to conduct commerce. Caluva strives to expand our products to meet the needs of your everyday lives.

Doing Business the Right Way

Caluva believes that there is an important balance between the needs of our consumers, and the retailers in this process, and we ensure you that the balance is well-maintained. We ensure that every effort to keep the needs of every consumers balance with the products we sell. The completeness and quality of the information we sell is the keystone of our business, and the foundation stone of the trading industry used in millions of credit decisions daily. We know that our products have direct impact on the lives of every consumer and on the business performance from our clients. The products we sell are accurate, current and complete as possible to meet the needs of consumers day in and day out, and we take responsibility seriously.

Integrity and Compliance

Caluva is highly dedicated to the standards of our business conduct with our business partners, shareholders, stakeholders, and our customers. Our commitment is proven through the standards we follow in accordance with the applicable rules, regulations and laws. We will not tolerate any form of unlawful or unethical conduct. Your concerns are very important to us.

Our Promises to You

Caluva strives to provide the best and the most authentic products possible. We maintain a skilled and well-trained sales team and technical support specialists to guarantee an exceptional service throughout your purchase. Caluva would like to give satisfaction and exceed your expectations. As a major online platform, we will strive to continue to develop excellent services. Whether you contact sellers or sourcing from mobile phones, simply turn to Caluva for all your business needs. ("the Site") operated by Lotus Technology Solutions, LLC. California, USA.