Caluva Partners with PayPal

An Easy, Optimal and Secure Payment Solution for Users!

Caluva, an B2B start-up has signed a partnership with the world’s leading payment-gateway PayPal, so as to offer to its clients’ a payment solution, which is characterized by its customization, ease-of use and acceptance, the world over. This pact marks a new beginning in the e-commerce trade and esp. in the B2B domain, which has been starved of new ideas and concepts, till Caluva stepped into the picture. The users are understandably excited about the new development, as they feel PayPal would offer them a flexible payment module, safe transactions and of course, the legendary PayPal guarantee of trust. PayPal is the renowned leader in the online financial domain and it is recognized and accepted the world over.

This partnership brings together two esteemed companies and the results are going to be astounding, for sure. The end-user is guaranteed an unhindered payment program, which would put his benefits and concerns on priority and offer him maximum buyer-protection as well. Due to this partnership, Caluva clientele can look forward to a streamlined, customizable and an effortless Payment process, which would enhance their experience of being a Caluva client, many times over.

Caluva is a recent entrant in the B2B domain and they want to offer to their customers, a plethora of services and options, which can be customized to their preference and expectations, so that their overall shopping experience on the site is characterized by endless product choices, customization options, flexible payment schedules, exemplary customer service, attention to detail, effective and efficient navigation across the site and an honest guarantee of high-quality merchandise, thus making the Caluva shopping experience as simply world-class!